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Microphlebectomy is a method of surgically removing surface varicose veins. During this outpatient procedure, a local anesthetic is given. Our surgeons then make tiny needle holes to remove the vein and all its branches. These are closed with steristrips and leave no permanent scars.

After the vein has been removed, the legs are usually bandaged for one day, and patients are allowed to resume normal activities.

What You Should Know About Ambulatory Phlebectomy

There are several techniques for removing or reducing unwanted veins in your legs. These range from injecting medications into the smallest veins (sclerotherapy) to endovenous laser ablation therapy for the largest veins.

Ambulatory phlebectomy is an outpatient procedure in which numbing medication is injected into the skin over the varicose vein. Then a small slit-like needle hole is made and segments of the varicose vein are removed in one treatment. This will cause the entire varicose vein to disappear over a period of time. Because the procedure is performed under local anesthetic, you will be able to drive home.

What to Expect After Ambulatory Phlebectomy (Microphlebectomy)

Your leg may be sore. Motrin or Extra Strength Tylenol will minimize the discomfort.

Potential Side Effects or Complications:


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